The Little Mermiad + red and yellow

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Just a quick Ariel.

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ACF - Eric and Ariel by EverythingDisney on Flickr.

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Ariel singing Part of Your World at the Mermaid Lagoon Theater (Tokyo DisneySea) [x]

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Y Ariel tuvo su final feliz como en la película.

And Ariel had a happy ending like in the movie.

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A rare photo shoot from a 1994 Walt Disney World calendar by QuiteaCharacter on Flickr 

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my hero

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Happy 60th Birthday Glen Keane <3

One of the most amazing, most talented artists came to this world, bringing us so much magic and pureness, the one who got thousands of people into the world of animation, and giving them the reason to dream, thank you for creating these masterpieces, thank you for changing so many lives, and in particularly mine, my ultimate idol <3

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Little Mermaid - The Price of being Human by Qinni

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Dinglehopper on Flickr.

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Seeing Ariel in badass mode like this makes me really, really happy.

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Ariel loves her dinglehopper!

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